1961 Studebaker Hawks

This is a construction site, just begun 28 February 2008, and I will add vehicle information as I receive it.

If you had javascript enabled, you would see a different 1961 Studebaker Hawk
        each time you reload (well, at least when we get more photos of 61 Hawks).

I hope to maintain a registry of 61 Hawks with data on as many items as is known; however, although the list on this site will include part of the information, for security reasons, I will not post some of the data, for example, VINs.

At this point, I have only my own 61 Hawk and a photo of one more from a former owner, but I hope that this situation doesn't last long. Send information about your 1961 Hawk or, although I don't plan to feature them here, about Studebakers in general to us.

On the left are links to some sites of interest to Studebaker lovers. Ray-Lin Restoration's Technical Pages (from Ray Fichthorn) are also interesting and have excellent information on Studebakers in general and 1961 Hawks in particular. These technical pages are hosted by the web site of the North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club, which has a link to them.

Let me know. I'll post a link to the home web page of any 1961 Hawk upon request of its owner.